Our Lucinda gave birth to 3 healthy and beautiful kittens on January 18th, 2021.

We present you Burm Masses
kittens of our breed.
On this page you can find our
See, choose and book cats.

Every Burmese child is a member
our family and takes a piece
our heart with in its new
At home. Therefore we are very

careful when choosing the
new owners for each of our
Our cats and kittens are alive
with us and get a good …….
for a happy life.

If you have a Burmese kitten in
Your home want, must have
You also take responsibility
be aware that you are on yourself
to take. Burma cat is a friend
a family member, a
Companion who will give you all his
Gives love and affection.
They expect the same from you!

As breeders, we are always there for it
ready to help you and get you in
to advise on all questions.

All kittens from our breed
will be after a
Routine examination by the
Vet fully vaccinated and
dewormed. The kittens are with her

Delivery to the litter box and scratching post